Sunday, June 24, 2007

What about your past?

I am going through some draft posts that I have had sitting out there for sometime and noticed this one. It was from February 25, 2005. Not sure what else I had to say and why I didn't post, but here it is. I did notice that haven't added any more copies of my blogs since 2005. Glancing, some of the others have been updated though.


Is your past being captured?

A bit of an intriguing question you might think. I was kind of kidding about this in a previous post in response to a post by Rob, but yet if you think about it there may be numerous copies of your information out there in the world. I blog about something and maybe you reference it or make a copy of it and comment on it, a search engine may have a cached copy, or maybe someone has a copy via a feed reader. Well there is one other one that you may not of thought about even if you knew it was out there. What is it you might ask. It is the Wayback Machine. As I was going through performing some house cleaning on my blog I ran into a post I made about the wayback machine. It had been some time since I had visited it and went to the site to take a look. Just for the fun of it I put in my blog address and what do you know, they actually archived my blog of all things that could be archived. I thought maybe they had just set it up to capture blogs on, but that wasn't it, as my photoblog does not show up. I went ahead and threw in some other bloggers and several of them show up as well. Is Wayback watching you? Head on over to the Wayback Machine and find out.

Here are just a few out there:


Andrew Pollack

Ben Langhinrichs

Ben Poole has excluded himself by limiting them via his robots.txt file. (I don't recall if I saw that via a post he mad or not.)

Bruce Elgort

David Fletcher






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