Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pickin up the car

Okay, I went to pick the car up yesterday. I hopped in pulled out of the lot again and went right back in. Here is what the fascia looked like around the stereo. Needless to say not the same color as the old one, but the bigger problem it is was simply a spray painted fascia. It didn't have the screwdriver marks of mine, but as you look at the bottom picture, you might realize that the paint job had bubbles in it as well as they didn't even spray it well enough to cover the whole thing. The service dispatcher said taht his manager told him that he wanted him to try to fix it without ordering the new part. Hello, you told me you were ordering a new part and then to pull this crap. Oh well, now they are ordering a new one.

So I jump back in the car and head off and hear my suspension squeak. Okay, turn around again, pull back in, and go back in telling the service dispatcher he needs to grab a tech and come with me or send a service advisor and a tech for a ride in the car. The service advisor and the technician climb in and before we get off of the Ford lot, they hear the noise I am talking about. Hello, that is why I have been asking are you sure, each time I have called, and they reassure me there is no squeak since putting on the new spring. I went ahead and took them up the hill and around a few blocks for good measure, as they keep guessing, strut, sway bar, etc.. Upon getting back, the tech says turn the wheel back and forth, and I tell him it doesn't make the noise then, which it doesn't as I turn the wheel back and forth, so he says it probably isn't the struts then.

Okay, the service dispatcher apologizes, states that he will order the fascia and they will come to me, pick the car up from me and return it to me on Friday. They will put the brand new fasica in, and fix the suspension. I am not going to hold my breath, but we'll see what happens.

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