Monday, June 18, 2007


It appears that all issues have been fixed with the car. The latest being a sway bar end link (?) and a new fascia for the stereo.


jhor said...

Nice blog! I see.. I also had problems with my mazda sway bar link, a mechanic friend advised me to replaced it with a new one. It was just an easy fix. ;) I'll be bringing my car to the shop on weekend to have the new catalytic converter installed. I'll also ask for some opinion what's the best thing that you can do.. Anyways, what car are you driving? I hope I can help.. good luck

Lora said...

well hopefully that fixed the problem.... how frustrating.

bonj said...

jhor, It is a 2001 Ford Focus with 41,000 miles on it. Not sure what the best thing you can do is.

Lora, It appeared that everything was fixed, until I was on my way to work this morning and tried to use the defroster. I found out that they had switched the wires on the control dials for the temp and ventilation controls, so turning to defroster actually shot hot air in my face and turning to hot actually switched to defroster. I stopped by the Ford dealer on the way to work and they fixed it while I waited. Hopefully everything is fixed now, but I am not so sure I would count on it.