Friday, May 25, 2007

DriveHQ referral

Once you setup an HQ account you will notice at the bottom of the account balance page there is a referral link or you can also refer your friends which brings up an window with the following pre-populated e-mail:

Drive Headquarters

Dear Friend,

I have signed up an account on It has the best features and software tools. You can share photos and files with others, synchronize local and remote folders, automatically backup files and emails, host business-class FTP and emails, etc.

I strongly recommend you signing up a free account using this URL:

Here are the first 4 reasons to sign up on
1. As easy as Windows Explorer and FTP;
2. More and better features than any other websites;
3. Share files and folders to different people with different permissions.
4. Extremely cool software: DriveHQ FileManager and DriveHQ Online Backup.

Thank you,


Online Storage & Sharing, Online File/Email Backup, FTP Hosting, SMTP/POP3/Outlook Email Hosting.
Drive Headquarters, the best service since 2003, like no other services!


Anonymous said...

hi buddy

how much u earn per DriveHQ referral.

Bonj said...

You can find info about DriveHQ's referal (affiliate) program at

I have yet to make any money from their referral program. One has to buy services from them to make money. Simply setting up free accounts as I have done, does not net anything. I have only referred two individuals and they did not purchase anything.

I hope that helps.