Monday, April 23, 2007

Thinkfree Maintenance

It would be nice if they would have this display when going to any linked documents on the site as well. I had to go to the main page to get the message that helped me figured out why the linked document didn't seem to be working.


Jonathan said...


Good point. I will make sure the developers do this in the future. Sorry about the inconvenience.


bonj said...

Thanks Jonathon. I am sure there are a number of users that would appreciate that. Not that big of a deal, but as I would guess many start getting around at 6am in their timezone, having a scheduled maintenance window (if it was scheduled) end at 6am probably is not a bad idea. Although it may be naive of me, I would guess a large portion of your users at this point are in the United States (or at least North America) such that you might think about having maintenance end at 3am PDT, so that you are not down until 9am Eastern. Just a thought.