Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Run for the Presidency

A listing and links to some candidates/potential candidates for President in 2008. I'll add more as I get time.

Democratic Candidates

Joe Biden - Democrat

Hillary Clinton - Democrat

Chris Dodd - Democrat

John Edwards - Democrat

Al Gore - Democrat (a couple of draft sites 1 2 and possibly another site to watch 3)

Mike Gravel - Democrat

Dennis Kucinich - Democrat

Barack Obama - Democrat

Bill Richardson - Democrat

Tom Vilsack - Democrat

Republican Candidates

Sam Brownback - Republican

John Cox - Republican

Jim Gilmore - Republican

Rudy Giuliani - Republican

Duncan Hunter - Republican

John McCain - Republican

Mitt Romney - Republican

Fred Dalton Thompson - Republican (a couple of draft sites 1 2)

Tommy Thompson - Republican

Green Party Candidates

Elaine Brown

Libertarian Party Candidates

Bob Jackson

Steve Kubby

George Phillies

Christine Smith

Doug Stanhope

Kent McManigal


Lora said...

I personally think Christine Smith has the most interesting picture... HA!! It's so Presidential...

bonj said...

It would be a bit different seeing it hanging in the Capitol. :-)