Monday, April 02, 2007


Version 3.05 is out now. As a lot of people talk about the Web 2.0 look. I would have to say that Paint.NET is kind of following that trend, what one might call App 2.0 or App 3.0 on the interface. See the example below.

Maybe I should check the forum to see if anyone agrees, but I don't like the way that the newer versions have dropped having the first item in the list highlighted as use to be the case. For resizing it was handy to simply hit Image and Enter to Crop to Selection since it was already highlighted. I know I should just get use to hitting Ctrl+Shift+X, but I kind of got use to the other way. Office 2007 is making me learn some new ways of doing things I use to do too, so Paint.NET is not the only one.


Bob said...

Pressing Enter works fine here.
Maybe you wish a visual highlight?
Like a color change?

bonj said...

Just curious, what version are you running? It use to be that the first item was highlighted upon selecting a menu item (I believe this was prior to the 3.xx series). I have 3.05 running on two different machines with the same results. If I use the old Alt-I and hit enter it does nothing. I have to arrow down one to highlight "Crop to Selection" now. The Ctrl-Shift-X works fine, it just takes a bit of getting use to.