Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lotus Notes on USB

Notes on a USB drive.

I have mentioned this before, but must mention it again. As I am no longer allowed to use my USB drive at work anymore, although that is all I used it for, I have a work supplied USB drive. I had to go back and refer to the release notes (p.25-28) to remember how to kickoff the install.

In a nutshell go to a command prompt and change to the drive and directory that your Notes Client setup file is in and type the following command:

setup /a /v"NOMAD=1 TARGETDIR=G:\ /qb+"

Replace G with whatever drive letter your USB device is recognized as. You may want to refer to the documentation to learn more about setting up the autorun.

Of course, to get the most out of it you'll want to check out Dec's post that will get you all setup to run Designer and Administrator from the USB drive as well, simply by copying over admin.exe, designer.exe, events4.ntf, and domadmin.ntf.

Now one thing that I learned Friday, that is mentioned in the documentation is that not all USB drives are created equal. It appears my personal SanDisk Cruzer Titanium kicks butt compared to the cheap one that work purchased. Oh well. The first attempt at installing Notes on the new drive was taking so long I had to cancel it as I was leaving for the day. It came up estimating 2 hours for the install. Maybe I'll have time to get it done sometime tomorrow. My biggest worry is if it takes that long to install on the new drive, will it run worth anything on it. Installing on my Sandisk Cruzer Titanium did not appear to take much more time than a regular install and running from it did not appear much different than running from the hard drive. Once I get Notes installed on the new one and get to try it out I'll post how well it actually runs from it.

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