Monday, April 23, 2007

Marketing via the web.

Cool the way people/companies use technology. I have had more than one instance where I have mentioned or said something about a product or company and the next thing you know I hear about it or receive a response about it. I think I have mentioned it before, but there are some companies and people out there that get the marketing side of it all and utilize the tools to help them. In this instance I don't know 100% sure that it was Jonathon Crow, Vice President of Marketing for ThinkFree that left the comment on my blog, but that would be my guess. I believe he is also the one responsible for the posts by Jonathon on ThinkFree's blog.

Without a tool like the Internet I know I would never come in contact with the Jonathon's, Ed's, Blake's and others of such companies.

There are multiple things out there to help companies keep tabs on what people are saying about them. Google, Icerocket, Bloglines, and Topix are just a few that quickly come to mind. Simply put your company name in under such blog or news searches and then subscribe to the results via your favorite RSS reader.

I recieved a comment about Pixilive right after commenting about the Picasa Web Album limits growing and following that post on how great it was that the limits had grown, how I wasn't as pleased that it now limits pics from the blog perspective. It couldn't totally be coincidence that I received such a comment.

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