Monday, March 26, 2007

May Issue - Winding Road

The May issue of Winding Road Magazine is out. You might notice that they are utilizing Olive Software now. You can still download the issue in PDF format.

Winding Road Issue 20.

Hey Winding Road, just my two cents worth, don't get rid of the PDF format. Thanks.


Lora said...

I agree... I like the .pdf version. I have all the ones I could get saved on my computer... not sure why, but I do! HA!!

bonj said...

Me too!

Reilly said...

No problem! We're not getting rid of it!

- Reilly

bonj said...


So Reilly, do you still yearn to be a Pro Rally Driver?

Pro Rally is pretty cool, but I always wanted to be an F1 driver. I think Pro Rally would be a close second for me, although scarier.

Bonj said...

Not getting rid of it, yet it appears that you did.

One of the benefits of our new magazine platform is an improved archive copy. Unlike the old PDF, the new downloadable file will contain all multimedia elements, and can be read online or offline. To download your copy, open the magazine and click "download" on the toolbar at the top."