Tuesday, February 06, 2007

We have a visitor. A Chihuahua.

It's Minnie B.

We found her walking in front of our house shivering in the 0 degree weather Sunday. We brought her in and warmed her up, gave her a bath, and called the animal shelter. They were closed, so we called the police station and they said animal control would not be open until Monday and that they couldn't do anything except take our name and number and if anyone called in and reported her missing that they would pass on our contact info. No calls.

We also went door to door through the neighborhood. No luck. We recalled a house that's a neighborhood over that had a sign in their yard about a missing Chihuahua a few weeks ago. We drove her over and it was not theirs. Their Chihuahua turned up and was one of the miniature Chihuahuas.

My wife called the animal shelter on Monday and they had not received any calls. They said they would take her, but if they did not have the owner come in within three days that they would euthanize her. The big reason is because she has a big tumor and they would not deal with diagnosing and getting her healthy. The tumor is as big as a golf ball, which is pretty big on a 5lb dog. The nearby no-kill shelter is full.

My wife took her to the vet yesterday and found out that she did have a chip. After following the trail through three to four owners they tracked her down to someone here in Jefferson City. It appears that the owner, which lives across town from us is playing stupid as if they know nothing about the dog. Sounds like a sick dog that was dumped.

Anyway, it looks like it will be a happy ending for the dog. My wife contacted a Chihuahua rescue a hundred miles away. They said they would take her, get her healthy and find her a good home. They have a volunteer that lives near Jefferson City and they are getting with them to find a time that we can get the dog to them. Until then we have a little 5lb house guest. She doesn't care to much for the cat, but does okay with our two dogs.

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