Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dolphin Stadium - Super Bowl Sunday

A lot of eyes will be on Dolphin Stadium in Miami tomorrow for the Super Bowl.

What would really be cool is if you could look at the game with Microsoft Virtual Earth or Google Earth in Real Time and zoom in and out on the game from any angle from any distance at anytime. Of course, having DVR like capabilities would have to be built in. Another cool scenario might be having the SuperBowl live via Second Life. There would be a lot of issues of how you would have the live action and keep those in the virtual world from interfering with the real action as there would be way to many people to fit in the stadium and way to many people trying to run out on the field. A lot of people would also be disappointed in the Virtual Beer. It would be safer if a Virtual Riot were to break out afterwards though.


Anonymous said...

Great idea about showing the game live when you get there...but it wouldn't look good in the Google Earth stadium as they're getting ready for baseball instead!!94A64037B5C0FB5C!341.entry

bonj said...

I had checked the stadium out on Google Earth as well and notice they had the baseball diamond. You would think for that big of event you might try to have a more reflective view.

Of course, Microsoft Virtual Earth could have had the Super Bowl graphics on the field as well, especially since they were promoting the Stadium as a place to view.