Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Rest in Peace Winnie.

As a cold hard frost settled in this morning, life slipped away from my wife's grandmother. She was 84. She was battling cancer which had returned to take over her body. I would say it was her time. She had battled long and hard. I think she really held on to see family through the holidays. It was good that her mental state was such that she could enjoy it through the pain.

I read something about President Ford and how he did not force states to adopt the Right on Red (ROR) initiative, but was a supporter of it, and had an influence on it. I would have to say that is kind of how my wife's grandmother was. She did not force people to do things, but she had a big influence on her entire family. Just as my 16 year old takes Right on Red for granted, I believe their are many in the family that take a lot of the family values for granted, simply because it is the only way they have known it, but it was the influence of Grandma Winnie that instilled those values in the family.

She will definitley be missed, yet she will live on through her family.


Anonymous said...

Please accept my sympathy.

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