Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Issue of Winding Road

Grab the current issue of Winding Road. Which at the moment is issue 17.
Retro car fanatics will love the Camaro. If Chevy ever makes it to production with the Camaro, they will finally have something to contend with the new Mustangs. Like the 60's, a bit late getting around to it Chevy!

Here are links to pages where one can get the prior issues:

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Issue 20


Anonymous said...

Yeah... and soem of us will always remain die hard Mustang fans. But the concept Camaro is pretty awesome!!

bonj said...

Speaking of Mustangs they have some nice ones at Happy Days Dream Cars, like a copy of Eleanor. Check out the current inventory (http://www.happycarz.com/view_inventory.php?type=cur_inv).