Friday, October 20, 2006

You Tube

I figured okay, I'll check out the hype and upload the latest Jays football video to You Tube instead of Google Video.  As I get signed up and go to the upload screen the first thing I am met with is a popup that says there is a 100mb limit.  Okay, one more reason I don't fully understand the hype it gets over Google Video, and why Google of all companies would then purchase it.  I guess the same can be said for MySpace over Windows Live Spaces, Orkut, Blogger, etc.  What is it about similar things that might draw such a crowd to one versus another?  Oh well.  Video has been posted to Google until I have one under a 100mb, at which time I might try out the You Tube account that I signed up for.

I would say that word of mouth by kids does play into the market more than it use to as the Internet allows kids a much bigger audience than they once had.

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