Monday, August 21, 2006

Beta Blogger

Have you seen the new Beta Blogger?

I updated the Jefferson City Sports page after accepting the invitation to try Beta Blogger. I wish I could go ahead and get my main blog moved over to it, but they only let sites that have received invitations migrate at this time. I believe you may also be able to setup a new account under the Beta Blogger at this time as well.

Switch message from blogger

As some other blogging tools already allow, the updated Blogger allows for some drag and drop layout, which can be handy, especially for novices such as me.

One can also add many different elements to a page. Items that can only be added once display will simply display "Already Added" after being used, whereas some of the items will continue to say "Add To Blog" as you can have multiple instances of them on the page. Handy for the HTML/JavaScript adds and I like the ability to add a feed to the page.

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