Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Onfolio Feeds

As I am trying to get some things moved from my portable to my tablet pc, I wanted to figure out how to move my Onfolio feeds. I found out how in the support files on Onfolio's website.

How can I backup feed data?
You can backup your feed data by backing up the My Feeds.cfs file in the same way you would backup any other file on your computer. It is also recommended that you backup the My Feeds.opml file which appears in the same location. In the event that your feed data is missing, Onfolio 2.01 will use it to reconstruct a new My Feeds.cfs that contains all the feeds you had configured, thus saving you the work of having to re-add each feed. Note that when restoring feed data from a backup, this will not restore things like read/unread counts or the list of feed items you have placed in your Reading List. To backup that information as well, you should backup this Windows registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Onfolio\Feeds\Cache

For your feeds you basically just have to copy the My feeds.cfs from C:\Documents and Settings\individuals name here\Application Data\Onfolio to the same location on the other machine and then fire up Onflio.

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