Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Well I went to the results appointment. The nurse practitioner came in and started giving the scoop and said the doctor would be in shortly. She talked for a bit and said she would go and get the doctor and then be back in. It turns out from the time the nurse practitioner walked into the room until she went to get the doctor an emergency came in and the doctor had to go, so I did not get to actually speak to the doctor. The nurse practitioner said that since I was no longer showing any symptoms that they just believe it to be the diverticulitis causing some colitis. Basically as long as I am not having problems then things are good. If I start having issues then call them right away. They do want to follow up again in a month. Hopefully things will keep going well.

Crohn's disease was not totally ruled out, but once again, since I am not having any symptoms, it is likely that I do not have Crohn's disease.

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