Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Busy Busy

We have many projects going on at work right now. One that isn't necessarily the biggest, but at the moment is taking a concerted effort by many to try to meet the March 31 deadline is an online app using forms authentication with SQL server. The server guys are doing great getting an environment in place for us and the developers are working hard as well. Having the deadline looming and working in the .NET environment without any formal training does make it stressful for them as well.

The only plus is that as mentioned it is not a large app. The biggest part is probably getting the forms authentication setup in the environment.

The app will basically provide a search interface for 18,000,000 records. These records are currently only updated once a year.

There are a lot of other apps we are working on that are just as important, but no absolute deadlines drawn in the sand as with this one.

Hopefully we'll get the developers some good .NET training soon.

My days have definitely been filled.

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