Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sprint's Customer Serviceless - Bait and Switch

Another great program brought to you by Sprint. I think Sprint figured out that people were leaving their plans for carriers that offer new phones whenever you start a new service contract, not simply if you are a new customer only. Sprint has often been behind the curve on what phones they offer and they did not offer new phones of any kind to loyal customers that would renew contracts. They would not give you a new phone as they would an average Joe coming in off the street and signing up for a new phone. I would say with enough customers leaving they decided to offer a new program. I think they first promoted it as a free phone every 18 months. It was actually $150 towards the retail price of one of their phones, which basically came out such that you could get the free phone that someone off the street could get when coming in to start a new account.

We made it through this program once and the last time we simply went with the free phones. We were started into the next 18 months and at some point they decided to switch this program from 18 months to 24 month. Here is where I have a problem. They did not make it a program from this point forward, they just decided that is how it would be for everyone. Now if I went in and said I wanted to drop my service 6 months early, I am sure they would not let me out of paying an early termination fee.

My wife has spoken to Customer Service about this and they don't seem to see a problem with it. We were in our local Sprint Store yesterday and my wife mentioned this to the local representative and he agreed with my wife, but said there was nothing he could do about it.

The worst part is looking online now it states that this program is only good through the end of March. Our contracts don't expire until after that point, so who knows if they will have anything to replace it or if they will stick it to us again.

Hmm do we take advantage of the $75 offer that we already qualify for or wait to see what happens after March?

We have been with Sprint since AmeriTech stopped offering service in the area and Sprint came in. This is not the only problem Sprint has with their customer service. We currently have 4 phones with Sprint.

Sprint/Nextel get a clue and treat your customers right.


Anonymous said...

I can top it. A Sprint phone rep told me that I could get the $150 off a phone by renewing my 200 min plan AND he also said that when my husband's contract was up (with a different carrier), we could upgrade to the family plan and still keep our individual names on each of our phone numbers. I had to go to a store to get the discounted phone. When I got there, the guy at the register told me I didn't get the discount unless I upgraded to 400 min per month, and, oh, by the way, that stuff about keeping individual names on family plan phones - fiction. I had to rant for half an hour to get a Sprint manager on the phone. Bottom line - all I got was a note on my account to honor my old contract term. Wonder if that will happen when I switch..

bonj said...

You never know. Good luck!