Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Gateway Portable

My portable went back to Gateway for like the third time in two months. This time they say it is some kind of power issue. It simply comes up with the swap module light on and stays there.

I reported the problem the weekend before last. Gateway was shipping out a box to return it, as it is still under warranty. I expected the box in a couple of days, but it never showed. I checked with the Support Center and Tech that they have shipped things to before and neither had seen it. Well after a week I got back online and chatted with a rep telling him the story and asking if it had been delivered and if so, if he could tell me who signed for it. He was able to tell me who signed for it. I did not recognize the name, but brought up Outlook and looked in the address book to track down the person. Yes, it was a person in our Department and she works a floor above and across the atrium. I was guessing she might be the receptionist in that area. My hunch was correct. I went up and as I walked in saw the namplace on the receptionist desk, which was the same as the individual I was told had signed for it. I asked if that is who they were and it wasn't, the normal receptionist had already left for the day. As I was asking I noticed a box from Gateway behind the receptionist desk and explained that I was there for the box, giving my name, showing my id badge and showing them my name on the label. So I finally got the box and sent the portable back today. The part that bothered me a bit is that there was a fellow employee that signed for something and evidently did nothing to try to track me down as they could have easily looked my name up in Outlook and dropped me a note or called (my work, home and cell numbers are all listed in the address book). Oh well, I tracked it down.


Joe Litton said...

Dang! That lack of giving of crap from your coworker is sad. Makes me think of some of the folks I see in various jobs - that are often positions not afforded respect, and which often don't pay well - and I see these expressions on their faces and mannerisms that basically communicate that they are not feeling ANY passion about their job. That would be really tough.

Re Gateway I guess I've been pretty lucky. I've got a Gateway desktop that's been great, and recently semi-retired a Gateway laptop that I'd had for about 4 years. I don't think I'd ever had a problem with either.

Hmmm...I probably just jinxed myself. I think I'll backup my Toshiba tonight :)

bonj said...

Just like any place there are some in State Government that don't feel passion for their work and/or fellow workers. There are also some that take a lot of pride in what they do and go out of their way to help.

My previous portable was a Gateway as well and I had pretty good luck with it.

Backing up, not a bad idea.