Monday, February 27, 2006

Arm Update

I went to the hand doctor and got the latest diagnosis. He confirmed what my other doctor had stated. My radius healed a bit crooked, so I have lost some range of motion. It is a result of this that he speculates the pain I am having on the other side of my wrist. He believes that the fact that the bone is now crooked, it leaves less space by the ulna where the TFCC is. He believes that there is a tear in the TFCC. What are my options:

Live with the pain. It may get a bit better as the tear may smooth itself out a bit over time.

Let the surgeon go in and scrape the tear smooth.

Let the surgeon take a piece of the ulna bone out, shortening it up, so that it is the same length as the radius, thus hoping that there will be enough room in the TFCC area that it won't rub an hurt.

The last option is similar to the one above except instead of shortening the ulna it entails lengthening the radius. Breaking the radius and then taking a graft from the hip to lengthen the radius, thus once again giving more room to TFCC.

No I am not joking.

We are starting out with an anti-inflammatory twice a day for a month and then go back in to see how things are going. I will definitely stay away from the last two options.

When the first doctor said the break was clean and that everything would be fine, just cast it and it will be good. I would tell someone in a similar situation to ask more questions. He said after getting the cast off and having a shortened range of motion that it was better than having cut into the hand and wrist in a couple of places. That may be true, but having known more up front might have had me think about it more.

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