Saturday, January 07, 2006

Performance (Lotus Notes)

We are having some performance issues with our outlying offices. I believe the performance issue is general, where most things are experiencing problems. Of course, what I am worried about most are those directly using applications developed by my group. We have two Case Manaagement Systems (Notes Applications) used by two separate groups in the field. Performance hasn't been to bad until recently when a previously mainframe (green screen) app was re-written as a web app by consultants. It is such a bandwidth hog it has slowed everything. It is my understanding that they were suppose to be implementing some network compression for the application. As a result of the slowdown we turned on compression on our test server and configured an individuals client to utilize compression to test any improvements that might be realized by doing so. Unfortunately, the results we have seen for the one individaul over half a day of use has not been conclusive. We'll have to see if further testing shows a difference.

Without getting into remote servers and replication, what are your favorite tweaks for performance across a slow network?

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