Sunday, January 15, 2006

Dropping DNS entries

Some time ago (approximately 2 years ago) the State started moving away from the old domain name to the ( domain. This was later implemented on e-mail addresses. Resolving the old addresses was suppose to go away a year afterwards. Most pages were updated to use the new addressing. I think the last hold out was the legislature. It was decided that the old addresses would be left in DNS for some time. Well on January 1, 2006 the DNS entries for were basically dropped. Thus no resolution for those linking from sites that had not updated their links. Being a large organization it is a pain changing your domain name. There are large sites, individual sites, that could potentially be pointing to the old site that you may not be able to get one to update. The old addresses are also on old forms that have been sent to individuals that they may refer back to years down the road. Next week we should have the address resolving for our site again with a re-direct page in place pointing one to our newer address.

If trying to get to a site, you might try using in its place.

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