Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Moving Wall

The moving wall made its way through Jefferson City recently.

Upon seeing The Moving Wall, I figured it could not compare to the real thing, which I have not had the privilege to see. Even at half scale though it does take up a fair amount of real estate as you can see here on the Capitol lawn. My perspective of it quickly changed with this last photo. It does live up to up to the name and I don't mean "The Moving Wall" as in a traveling replica of the Vienam Veterans Memorial, but "The Moving Wall" a replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial that has just as much power to "Move" those that had a close personal connection in some way. In the photo above a volunteer veteran was wiping the wall as what appeared to be another veteran or possibly just a family member knelt down and in an emotional moment the veteran reached down and put his hand on the shoulder of the other man to comfort him. It is truly a "Moving Wall".

Articles in the local paper.

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