Monday, November 28, 2005

Windows SharePoint Services

I am hoping to have access to Windows SharePoint Services SP 2 in the not to distant future. We need to move away for the old SharePoint Team Services that we are still running on.

Are you looking for Windows SharePoint Services with Service Pack 2? You can find it here.

I have previously posted a Microsoft link where you can see some Applications for Windows SharePoint Services. It has listed the following scenarios available for download.

Absence and Vacation Schedule
Board of Directors
Case Work Management
Change Management
Classroom Management
Competitive Intelligence Resource Dashboard
Employee Activities Site
Employee Timesheet and Scheduling
Employee Training
Event Coordination
Expense Reimbursement
Help Desk
HR Programs and Services
IT Developer Team Site
Legal Document Review Workflow
Loan Initiation Management
Marketing Communications Campaign Site
Meeting Management
New Product Development
Performance Review
Professional Services Contract Management
Professional Services Site for Engagement Team Resourcing
Project Team Site
Public Official Activity and Issue Management
Public Relations Work Site
Publication Editorial Review
Recruiting Resource Center
Request for Proposal Management
Room and Equipment Reservation
Travel Request

I wish they had some screen shots on the site. I guess most of the Windows SharePoint Services sites do have the same look and feel, but it would still be nice to have an idea of what the apps are beyond the text and having to load them to see.

You can take an online 30 day test drive of Windows SharePoint Services, but I am not sure that it has the apps available to look at in this environment. Maybe I'll have to check it out.

Not only is there an online trial, you can check out the online Demo.

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