Sunday, November 20, 2005

Adorama Follow-up

Per my first post I received an e-mail from Abraham Steinberg, the Director of Online Marketing at Adorama.


We had much more then a holiday. We turned our warehouse and inventory upside-down because if the immense growing pains we're experiencing. It came to the point where we just had to overhaul and expand our warehouses. It needed to get done in advance of the holiday rush hence the timing. We were working around the clock --literally-- to get it done flawlessly. Much as we desired to make it a headache free transition, it was just impossible. I apologize on behalf of the company if we caused you inconvenience as a result. Once this transition settles we look forward serving our customers with more modern facilities that will enable us to fill orders more expeditiously. We appreciate you patience and hope you have everything by now.

I appreciate the e-mail and explanation and would have been more understanding of the situation if I would have received a response informing me of their situation earlier. I am not unreasonable. I may not have been happy about it, but it would have at least been a reasonable and timely explanation. I tried Adorama per good comments on a photo forum. I tried to see if they could give me a ballpark figure via e-mail without having to send everything in. I spoke with a rep on the phone that said go ahead and send it in that as the equipment was older 35mm (not digital) that they would most likely be able to do better than anyone else. Well I went ahead and gave it a shot after getting bids from a couple of local pawn shops. The figure I finally got back from Adorama was equal to the lower bid I got from the two pawn shops which did not please me. I stated this to the rep and he siad he would go ahead and meet the higher bid I had received from the pawn shop since it had taken so long. If I would have had an idea that it wouldn't be much different then I wouldn't have bothered sending it in. To save the time and effort of getting the equipment back and having to make another trip to the pawn shop I took the second price. I did have the check in a timely manner.

I hope any future experiences will be better.

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