Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Gateway Portable 2nd Post

Well I was impressed with the timeliness of the problem call to the point of them having my portable, but I was not happy when I called today thinking that I would be getting an e-mail anytime stating that it was being shipped back. Instead I was told that the portable was not under warranty. I stated it showed right on the site that it was. The rep stated that it was not under warranty for the cracked case as it didn't have accidental damage protection (ADP). That is fine. It has been cracked for months. I just didn't want to send it back because I didn't want to be without it, but since I had to send it back for the monitor so I figured I would report it and have it looked at. The rep did not mention ADP when I mentioned the problem. It works fine, so I had just put a piece of tape on it and it worked fine. It appears to have a stress point right in front of the DVD player when put in the port replicator and holding the pressure from the weight of ones wrist and hands. I told that my corporate account rep would be calling me. I said that I should have been told that when I put in the issue. I would simply have discounted it and had them fix the screen and send it back. Needless to say now, they are holding it pending calling me. I guess to see how to proceed. I told them all they needed to do was fix the monitor problem and send it back. They said the rep would be calling. I tracked down the rep info and left voicemail and followed with an e-mail. As there is not another portable available for me to throw my hard drive into, I am stuck with an old desktop until it returns. At one point in time one would have thought 550Mhz was blazing. Well, not anymore. UGH! I want my portable back.

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