Monday, October 10, 2005

10 Mistakes in Performance Management Implementations

Here are 10 Mistakes in Performance Management Implementations per PMI's September 2005 PMI Network. They site Managing Operations and
Institute of Management Accountants as the source.

1. Assuming that performance will improve simply because management
mandated that it will.

2. Failing to communicate the details of the process improvement plan
before acting and failing to provide guidelines on how employees
should use the program to achieve company objectives.

3. Using threats, intimidation and scare tactics to push through improvements.

4. Asusming that middle management automatically will buy into the
improvement process.

5. Putting process over purpose. Too many organizations become so
preoccupied with improvement that they lose sight of the real

6. Becoming obsessed with numbers and constantly raising operations standards.

7. Counting on catchy slogans, buttons, balloons and free lunches to
solve performance problems and maintain staff morale.

8. Assuming that your people know how to perform to expectations or
simply telling them the steps to do their jobs -- without helping them
build the skills required for peak productivity.

9. Falling victim to the "we are so powerful we can do anything" syndrome.

10. Providing lukewarm support to performance management and failing
to allocate the resources required for the effort.

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