Thursday, September 08, 2005

Zip Code Info

Have a Zip Code and you're wanting to know the City? Simply head over to the US Post Office Site to find it out. You can find also find things by Address, by City, by Company.

Did you know that you can also get raw City/State Zip Code data from the Post Office as well as Zip+4, etc.. There is a cost.

FAQ from Post Office Site:

Where can I get a database or directory of all ZIP Codes and/or ZIP+4
Codes along with the corresponding city, state, county, etc.?

The information you are seeking is not available via download but is
provided through the National Customer Support Center at (800)
238-3150, select Option 6 and then Option 2. Ask the service
representative for pricing and information for our products

You can get one that includes raw data for CITY, STATE, COUNTY, COUNTY CODE, and 5 DIGIT ZIP on CD is $350 for a 1 year subscription. It was stated that
one can select if they want to receive the updates every month or
every other month.

(Make sure to check with them for current information)
By check or money order:

National Customer Support Center
6060 Primacy Parkway Suite 201
Memphis, TN 38188-0001

By credit card:

Fax to 901-681-4409

7-10 Business Days to receive.

Here is a list of some of their products.

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