Sunday, September 11, 2005

Who is at fault?

At this point I don't care who is at fault. It appears there is enough blame to go around for every level of government and more for the way Hurricane Kitrina was handled. Don't spend a lot of money getting a committee together to determine who to blame. If you are going to get a committee together, then get one together to figure out what to do for the next disaster/catastrophic event that could take place.

This was a natural disaster that we watched heading towards us and look how bad it was. What would happen during a large scale terror attack that we don't see coming? Are we any more prepared? What if there was some disaster/catastrophe that hit multiple states all across the country at the same time with the level of devastation left by Hurricane Kitrina? Even though we may all be affected in some way, most natural disasters/terrorists attacks we have seen have for the most part been centralized to an area. We need to be better prepared, no matter what one's political affiliation may be.

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