Thursday, September 01, 2005

Watch the used car market.

With all of the ramifications that may be felt by our economy from the whole hurricane aftermath (gas supply, government expenditures, insurance, fraud, etc..) I think the car industry will definitely be one to feel the pain. How many more incentives can they come up with to get people to buy cars, especially the gas guzzlers?

Of the vehicles that will sell the hybrids will probably gain even more popularity if gas prices keep increasing.

The big thing to watch out for if you're buying a used car, especially in the near future, will be those that may come from the flood area and outwardly don't show any signs. Hopefully they'll end up with a flood or salvage title, but don't bet they all will.


Car Man said...

You should sell cars.

bonj said...

As much as I enjoy cars, I don't think I'll go down that road again. I tried the car salesman gig in the mid 80's. It only took a day for me to realize it wasn't for me. My experience may not have been so bad if it would have been at a dealership other than Douglas Toyota in Springfield.

They did nothing to help eliminate the bad sterotype placed on some car salesman.