Sunday, September 25, 2005

Jeep Commander

I could be wrong, but I am not so sure that the crowd looking to buy a Jeep Commander will like the looks of the Liberty Renegade's riveted fender flares on this bigger package. Don't get me wrong, I think the rivets work well for the niche that the Jeep Liberty Renegade fills, but a bit out of place on the $40,000+ Commander I saw.

I think a cleaner flare without the rivets would be more appropriate. One can tell that Jeep is trying to incorporate some rugged/masculine design cues from their own line as well as the likes of Hummer and Land Rover. I noticed a navy blue Commander on our Jeep dealers lot today. I took a peak and the leather clad interior looked nice enough, along with the sunroof and sunroof portals over the second row seating. I would not be embarrassed to be caught in one.

Of course, like most SUVs out there, the gas mileage ratings make it a little less attractive.

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fender master said...

Yeah I agree with you!
A cleaner flare would be better.

diesel performance guy said...

i will not buy that jeep, just look at those bumpers...