Thursday, September 15, 2005

Another Search Engine

This is an interesting one. A source code search.

Excerpt from the site:

Codase Launches the First Comprehensive and Syntax-Aware Source Code Search Service

Fremont, CA - Sep 9, 2005 - Codase, Inc., a leading source code search company, announced today the release of the alpha version of its advanced source code search service, with the service being made immediately available through its website,

Codase is a new kind of search service for open source code. Rather than treating code as text, Codase understands programming languages, and treats code as code, the way it's supposed to be. This unique and syntax-aware approach provides the most accurate and detailed search results with fine granularity levels of controls. With Codase, developers can search functions, classes, strings, constants, macros, comments and other programming language constructs.

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