Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Paint.Net 2.2 is in Alpha

Paint.Net 2.2 is in Alpha.

They point out that the Alpha build will expire on September 28th, but that an update will be available before that time and that the final release of v2.2 will not expire.

Some of the new features noted on the site:

Here is a list of the important new features and changes:

* German translation (about 80% complete)
* Scaling and rotation of selected pixels (use the Move tool after selecting)
* Ability to modify a selection with union and subtraction (NOTE: performance is currently quite bad)
* Unobtrusive update notification system
* Measurements and rulers available in inches and centimeters, as well as pixels
* Holding down spacebar allows you to pan with any tool
* Shift+mouse wheel now scrolls horizontally
* Brush tools now render a preview that corresponds to the brush size
* TGA file format support
* GIF transparency support
* Many areas have been heavily optimized for performance (scrolling, zooming in, Blur effect, selection rendering)
* New effect: Add Noise
* New adjustment: Sepia
* Brightness & Contrast adjustment now works with luminance, not RGB, scaling. This produces more correct results.
* New Rotate/Zoom user interface that allows for 3D rotation, tilting, and image tiling
* Further optimized for dual-core CPU's (Athlon X2, Pentium D) and multiprocessor systems (Xeon, Opteron)

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