Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My prediction on the Number 1 Word

It was the word of the year for 2004 and I believe "Blog" will hold the title again for 2005.

My wife went to a meeting for the football players moms. She thought it nice, but once the coaches started talking about the plays they had pretty much lost her. I am not a big football fan (other than watching my sons) and would have probably been lost and bored as well. Anyway, my wife mentioned that I had a website for my son's sports teams and then said, well it is really a blog. A lady I work with was at the meeting and everytime I see her at the office now, she says, "Blog blog blog". She alone will put the word over the top.

I work on the 2nd floor and she works on the sixth, but I was up there to meet on a small project we are looking at for the General Counsel and stopped by her office to say hi on the way out. She started, the "Blog blog blog", and we got to talking about web stuff and I kind of ended up giving her a bit of a lesson on blogging. It has relavance for work as well as outside of work. She is on a group (and so am I) that is looking at our Internet and Intranet site. I mentioned there are others, but gave her a demo on how Blogger works. She did not get why one would blog about personal stuff, but thought it was pretty neat and was surprised by all of the things out there. I also showed her IceRocket, and gave her some background on how it searches blogs and displays results on relevance by date. She thought it rather neat when I put in our organizations name and brought up some of the post that people had made about us. Not all of them flattering. I also got into stats for our website a bit and showed her how to get to them. I later passed that info on to all of those on the Web Advisory Group.

The proposal for the GC project went well and I got to teach someone something today, so it was a successful day.

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