Saturday, August 06, 2005

How good are your car's seats?

Does your car seat pass when it comes to whiplash protection? Find out at Thatcham.

About Thatcham (This appears to be the British equivalent of our Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.)

The Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre, or Thatcham as we are widely known was established in 1969 by British Insurers. The Centre is independently operated with a Board of Directors drawn from amongst the 31 insurer members who fund our work.

Thatcham is a not-for-profit organisation. Our main aim is to carry out research targeted at containing or reducing the cost of motor insurance claims, whilst maintaining safety and quality standards.

A bit more:

We are best known by motorists for testing vehicle security systems and for our work in testing seats for whiplash prevention. Less well known is the fact that we provide some 70% of the data that insurers use to define a car’s insurance grouping.

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