Thursday, August 04, 2005

Consultants - Not always so web savvy.

There are some consultants finishing up a program that should be going live soon. They had some information they wanted posted on the Intranet. Upon looking over the information they had a zip file. Well as not everyone has Winzip that didn't sound like the best format to post a file. After looking at the zip file a bit further I thought it wasn't the best file to have posted simply because of it's size as well. It was 20mb. It was suppose to be a file of sample Word templates that will be utilized in the system. I thought there must be a ton of template files for it to be 20mb when zipped. I opened it up and looked to find out there were only 57 templates. Come on, 57 Word templates and it is 20mb zipped. I opened it up to find a graphic that was used on each template, sometimes more than once. The graphic had been sized down within Word to display at .75" x .81". Okay, that could be why it looks a bit oblong. The graphic is actually square, so the proportions they set for display explains why it looks a bit oblong. It also turns out that the graphic if reset to display at it's full size is 9.97" x 9.97". Come on. There was also a couple of signatures within a few of the templates. I had the file pulled from the Intranet right away. I alerted the internal Administrator and the consultant that requested that the information be posted. She pulled the signatures, which she said she did not realize was in any of the sample templates and proceeded to reply to my suggestion to replace the graphic with a smaller one by stating that they could simply break the files into two zip files to make them smaller, but as they were representative of the files in production they did not want to go back through that many templates. Ding Ding Ding, big Red Flag. I spoke with the Administrator of application and he agreed that if they are that huge they need to change them in production too. He sent that note. I haven't heard anymore. He was thankful for the catch and went on to state that it would have probably shown up when they start performance testing soon. The application does have a web front-end, but it appears to be the classic developer that has no idea about the web. Huge clumsy graphics once again and some items making it where it is not Section 508 compliant. One of our web developers pointed out some specific problems that I hope the consultants will address or we may have to have some words.

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