Thursday, August 18, 2005

Automobile Club of Southern California has confirmed it fired 27 workers

I guess they know what it is like to feel stranded now.

I don't know all of the specifics on the story, it does sound like some may have crossed the line, but it would also be good to be able to let your opinion be known if it isn't hurting anyone. Does everyone just need to blog anonymously to be able to speak freely?

I am just waiting to see the case where someone somewhat steals or copies your blogger identity. Not hacking your site, but takes a few pics off your real blog, throws them on a blog and sets up a and post nasty messages about people and places as if it were you. Then you get axed or reprimanded and yet you didn't do it. How are you going to defend yourself and how is the employer going to feel when they have egg all over their face and least not what will happen to the real person that is impersonating you, if anything?

They'll probably get off by saying their blog was simply an artistic representation of what they believed said person was probably thinking of a person/employer/company/product.

I guess we'll see. More and more blogging policies seem to be talked about and rolled out, but for all of those that may be throwing out blogging policies, how many are actively policing and enforcing them.

Only time will tell where this all ends up.

Update: It looks like a lot of places are carrying the story another simply being Information Week, which points out some rules to blog by:


Rules covering online activities to add to employee-conduct policies

BE RESPECTFUL Blogs shouldn't attack an employer, supervisor, managers, co-workers, or a company's products or its customers

CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Bloggers must comply with policies that protect trade secrets and confidential information

SECURITIES REGULATIONS Bloggers shouldn't disclose "insider information" governed by securities laws or violate disclosure "blackout" periods"

TRADEMARKS AND LOGOS Personnel policies should spell out if and when company names, logos, and trademarks can be reproduced in online postings and blogs

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