Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Project Portfolio Management

John Dix talks about "Getting serious about IT projects".

John mentions Project Portfolio Management, but I do not notice the mention of the tools being utilized. Does your company practice Project Portfolio Management, if so, what products are you using?

This appears to be a direction we are headed at work, although I don't anticipate any real money being spent for it, so I would be most interested in any free open source options out there.

I haven't really gotten started on looking at what is out there other than doing a single search and finding a free Microsoft Project alternative (Open Workbench) when looking for Open Source Portfolio management. It appears that it is simply a Microsoft Project alternative, which versus the cost and limited installation we have of MS Project might be a nice alternative as you could then pass the file around allowing anyone to read it rather than passing an MS Project file around and finding out that some of the individuals don't have Project (and the money won't be spent to get it for them) so you have to print a report or save it in html or something for them to be able to see it.

It looks like the Open Workbench can be used in conjunction with the Clarity Portfolio Management System by Niku to give one actual Portfolio Management functionality. I haven't gotten to look any further, but would guess that involves a cost. Sorry but it is time for me to get to bed (actually past time).


Anonymous said...

Did you ever find out if Open WorkBench can be used with Clarity? I thought you needed to upgrade to WorkBench v. 5.5 (?) which is a fee based product to allow use with Clarity. So, the Open Source version available would only be helpful for simple stand-alone projects. There are plenty of those, but the real shift in Project Management is on enterprise and portfolio management now.

bonj said...

I am afraid that I have not found out, but I did see today that Computer Associates plans to buy Niku.

Rafael Beckel said...

Yes it can