Thursday, July 07, 2005

Ford Service Part 12

It turns out that the Exhaust (EGR) Sensor was bad. It was replaced. In regards to the cruise control it was stated that there are basically two switches on the cruise control. One activates it and on deactivates it. It was stated that if either doesn't work then the whole cruise control system won't work. They have a part on order. Since then I was putting a CD in my car stereo ( it has a 6 disc changer) and upon putting it in it pulled it in and then made a buzzing spinning noise. It doesn't recognize the CD is in and won't let it out. This happened once before at which point they just pulled the whole unit, threw a new one in and sent it off to the company that they repairs them. I would say it was 2-3 weeks later they sent the CDs back to the local Ford Dealership and I picked them up. There was nothing wrong with the CDs. The CD that happened to be placed in the last time was not in the system at all, so different CD, different time, same results. We'll see what happens.

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