Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Suggestion - LifeDrive + Treo 650 = Cool

Have you seen the new LifeDrive from palmOne. 4GB hard drive! Okay PalmOne, listen up. Combine the LifeDrive with the Treo 650 phone capabilities and then send me one.

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Anonymous said...

I read a minor reference to this in one of the reviews, but for the most part, it seems to be completely overlooked by the industry.

The LifeDrive CAN NOT use the Treo 650 bluetooth connection.

There is a missing driver and they are unsure of when it will be relased (possibly 6 months).

This is news that should be brought to potential LifeDrive purchasers. Also, it DID NOT recognize my SD cards photos or mp3's when inserted into the SD slot of the lifedrive.

With the TREO 650 being a digital camera with SD memory, to not have this feature is overlooked as well.

can someone let me know when or if this driver will be available and why to two flagship products for Palm are unable to communicate directly.

Is there anything they can do together?