Friday, May 13, 2005

What's fair game?

Good question.

Where does one draw the line. Many may agree if it is simply defamatory comments without any backing or simply rude and vulgar then one should remove the comment, but on a corporate blog, who is to say if it is legitimate or not?

I am looking at lawnmowers. My 8+ year old mower has basically had enough. I was doing some research on lawnmowers and found a comment which was on a consumer advocacy site. The individual was slamming the place where he bought his mower as they did not simply turn around and give him a new one. He thought that they should. The consumer advocacy site disagreed as well as the business. He tried to state that even though he did run over and hit a 3" x 4" stump that he thought they ought to just give him a new mower. He thought that it was of bad quality as it bent the drive shaft. The advocacy site simply points out that a bent drive shaft would be a common result for the circumstances. So, if one were ranting and raving on the corporate site about such a situation, would you simply leave it and hope individuals were smart enough to realize the guys claims were frivolous, and say so, simply leave it and not respond, or remove it?

Where does one draw the editorial line? Should there be different guidelines between corporate and personal blogs? If openly a corporate blog the one blogging may not have a say in the matter. If a personal blog the blogger probably has full control and editorial control, unless it is a personal blog discussing corporate items, which one may still be bound to a certain level of conduct by the corporation.

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