Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Viewer Discretion Advised.

A finger even Frankenstein would be envious of.

Maybe I can get my finger into a Jay-Z video. "H to the Izzo". Okay, I'm not really into rap, but it is definitely an H.

Now for the new look. I was sent to a therapist to simply get a rectangle of plastic put under my finger, then taking a colored pencil and drawing around my finger (And some people don't think you learn any useful skills in Kindergarten). Next the slab of plastic gets thrown into some heated water (??) and when pulled out it is more pliable. The piece is cut off then put on my finger while warm to form fit the finger. Not good when the person doing it doesn't seem to know a whole lot about your situation and doesn't realize anything about your pin until they are pushing the plastic up against it and you almost come out of the chair. The therapist did notice the stitches (really quick, huh?) and stated, you had it fixed (thanks for clueing me in), but then talks about bending it up into a hyper-extended position in the splint as that is how it is done, but when realizing that your finger won't bend like that, states that since it has been fixed the doctor just wants it put in the splint straight. Ugh! Anyway I can type a little better now that I have my index finger available on the left hand. I doubt any other fingers will hit the keyboard until the pin is taken out. Stitches out in two weeks, pin out at six weeks.

It is definitely straight again.

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