Monday, April 04, 2005

Pontiac Solstice

I like the looks of the new Pontiac Solstice. As long as the mechanicals measure up I think it could take the market about like the Miata did when it first came out. A fun (relatively) inexpensive sports car. Pontiac has to feel good to have such a good looking offering. (The GTO is a bit of a disappointment in the looks department). A bit Miata, a bit Z4, a bit Z8, a bit XK, a bit S2000, a bit Boxster, a bit SLK all roled into an American offering. If it looks as good in person it should be a winner.

Hey Pontiac, if you want to send one my way, I'd be more than happy to put it through a long term test.

I'd post about my experiences. If they turned out to be good experiences it would be some cheap advertising. :-)

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