Monday, April 25, 2005

NXTbook media

I saw another electronic publishing tool which looks similar to Olive Software's solutions (ActiveMagazine, etc.). It is NXTbook media. You can view some of their samples here. Like Olive's solution you don't have to download a client to the desktop as you do with Zinio's electronic publishing solution. It looks like the players not requiring the additional client are coming up with some of the full client software's features as well. Olive has Search capability and NXTbook has Note capability, each allows you to also save a copy. Of course, I have no idea of costs, but if you were looking for ways to distribute your published media, such as magazines, these look to be real competition for the old .pdf file.

EContent's list of 100 companies that matter the most in the digital content industry includes NXTbook media and is in NXTbook format, but does not mention Olive or Zinio.


Sup said...

Dear Mr.
I am interesting in NXTBOOK but not
understand about how to make this sort of book. Are they software? like PDF or are they solution? Pls.
be kind to explain me
my email
my country is Thailand

Dan B said...

There is another interactive brochure product from IM Interactive Corp. which is as good if not better than NXTBook from a feature perspective.

You can find it at


Dan B. -CT

bonj said...

It looks pretty neat too. I can't say from a quick glance at both that one jumps out over the other one, although a SeaDram yatching trip might change my mind. :-)

dan said...

I prefer a more customized adaptation to the web. Like this:

Anonymous said...

wow, this is really cool, contract connected. It's pretty darn fast. Easy to use too. I also like how you can read everything at first glance without zooming in. If there's one thing i hate it's zooming