Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Update on Friend


You might have caught my post about the friend that had a heart attack. Since finding out that it happened, with one exception, I have made it by at least once a day to see how he is doing. Well today is the best so far. They started bringing him around a bit over the weekend. The pneumonia is finally better. They took him off of the ventilator today. A big step in a long recovery process.

He was the most alert that I have seen him. He can't really talk after having the tubes down his throat for so long, but can nod in response to you. He is still drugged up a bit. His was trying to say something while I was there and his wife was able to make it out when putting her ear to his mouth. He was asking for a Pepsi. Dang it, I am a Coke fan! I would still be more than happy to buy him a Pepsi. They will be doing a swallow test tomorrow, so needless to say they wouldn't let him have a Pepsi today. Who knows maybe the next place you'll see him is on a Pepsi commercial. Being removed from the ventilator and asking for a Pepsi. I could see them trying it. Better make it a caffeine free Pepsi.

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