Thursday, March 31, 2005

Teamstudio Script Browser and Agent Data Tool - FREE

Did you see that TeamStudio has a new utility for download? The best part is it is free. (Of course, that is a relative term. As you do have to register for a userid and password, you may end up getting some marketing propaganda, but they do have some good products, so it might be worth it.)

It is called Script Browser.

Excerpt from Teamstudio:

Functional Features

Teamstudio Script Browser shows:

  • all classes and functions from the main tree, with 3 tabs to sort the code by script library, by class, or by call. Selecting something in the tree displays the properties of that function/class.
  • the name of the script library in which the function is found.
  • the line number on which the function is defined within the script library.
  • how the function was declared, especially useful for when you simply want to know what parameters to pass to a function.

Update Note: You have to have other Teamstudio products (maybe the suite of products) for this free utility to work. That is not the case for the Agent Data Tool. One developer has tried it so far with no luck. It would not load and the rest of the Teamstudio icons would disappear in the client. In talking with Teamstudio they walked through several scenarios, which did not fix the issue other than getting the icons back in the client. They said they would talk to the developer that wrote the tool. Our scenario. We are running Teamstudio version 20a and 21 is out. We are running Notes 6.5.2 and 6.5.3 is out which might make a difference.

They also have the Agent Data Tool available for free download. This is similar to IBM's Compact Agent Tool, but is not limited to one database at a time.

Excerpt from Teamstudio:

This little utility allows you to scan a database to identify agent data notes that are no longer being referenced by an agent. Agent data notes are design elements created and used by agents when they run. Lotus identifies a number of technotes related to agent data. One of the issues that can arise is that some databases, over time, can accumulate hundreds of these elements causing the database to grow in size. Since most of these orphaned agent data notes are no longer attached to an agent, they will never be deleted. There is also no easy way to remove them since they do not show up in Designer.

Both are available once you have logged in via the download page.

I can't really endorse them as I have not used them. My staff probably will. If you want to share your experience with these tools feel free to comment. They are free unsupported "as-is" utilities.

Update 4/8/05: Adrew Pollack gives his review of Script Browser on his site. From his review it does not appear that you do have to have any of Teamstudio's other products.

Ben Poole also mentions being pleased with it in the comments of his post.

Duffbert even had an early copy. You can tell that I am trying to catch up on some of my reading again.

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