Wednesday, March 23, 2005


I did have that physical. I had it on St. Pat's Day. I asked the girl on the phone when scheduling if I had to wear green. It took her a second, but pick up on it quickly and stated that it did not matter if I wore green, but I would probably get more than a pinch.

She was right! :-)

Anyway, the good news is that for all practical purposes I am healthy.

Good on colesterol, PSA, etc..

The doctor did comment that my blood pressure was just a bit high on this visit. I was able to tell him why right away. I knew they would be coming my way with a needle. I told him that I was maxed out on my frequent flyer miles from the Vasovagal club.

Needles+Bonj does not mix well.

It is funny as I don't know when things will go well and when they won't. They have gotten better. This visit went well. They didn't have to pick me up off of the floor.

I even gave myself allergy shots for a couple of years without a problem. I didn't like the inconvenience of driving across town and waiting to have a nurse give me a shot of antigen that I had already paid for. It also seemed kind of silly to pay $10-$12 a shot for the nurse to give it to me when I could give it to myself for about 25 cents a shot.

Yes you give it to yourself in the top of the thigh. I must say there are different qualities of needles out there too. I had good luck with the (BD brand?) Monoject needles. I tried another brand at one point. Big difference, they did not seem as sharp, which meant that you had to push a lot harder to get them to go in. Ugh! Last time I bought that brand. I don't remember the brand name as it has been years since I gave myself the shots, which the doctor took me off of after giving them to myself for two years as they had no affect on my allergies.

Not sure if my translation of this is totally correct, but the doctor did say that the speed at which the electical signal runs down the brachial in the heart is slower (milliseconds) on the right side, which is fairly common and nothing to worry about.

When calling with the blood test results they did throw in that I should watch my diet and exercise more.

Have you had your physical yet?

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