Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Interested in some White House news?

Did you know that you can sign up for e-mail updates from the White House? It doesn't matter which party you might align yourself with, it may still be of interest, although the coverage may be partisan.

You can get a weekly review of major events and speeches by the President and his staff, or pick from topics such as Homeland Security, Education, and Health Care.

Here is just a sample of what you might see in the weekly update.

President Discusses American and European Alliance


Speaking at the Concert Noble Ballroom in Brussels on Monday, President Bush discussed the importance of the United States' ties with the European Union and NATO Alliance.

"Today, America and Europe face a moment of consequence and opportunity. Together we can once again set history on a hopeful course -- away from poverty and despair, and toward development and the dignity of self-rule; away from resentment and violence, and toward justice and the peaceful settlement of differences. Seizing this moment requires idealism: We must see in every person the right and the capacity to live in freedom.

"Seizing this moment requires realism: We must act wisely and deliberately in the face of complex challenges. And seizing this moment also requires cooperation, because when Europe and America stand together, no problem can stand against us. As past debates fade, as great duties become clear, let us begin a new era of transatlantic unity."
Slovakian Prime Minister
President Bush Meets with Slovakian Prime Minister Dzurinda


President Bush on Thursday met with Slovakian Prime Minister Dzurinda. In remarks after their meeting, he said, "Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister. I'm thrilled to be here. I have really been looking forward to this trip to Slovakia.

"We just had a great discussion. First, I complimented the Prime Minister on putting policies in place that have helped this economy grow. The most important responsibility we have at home is to make sure our people can find work....

"Secondly, I appreciate so very much the Prime Minister's vision on foreign policy. I want to thank you for having your troops by our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Prime Minister understands that those of us who are free have a responsibility to help free others in order to make ourselves more secure. I'm so honored to have your commitment."

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